Alliance Demands Village Study Rezoning Impacts

Alliance Demands Village Study Rezoning Impacts

On October 15th, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance members and supporters turned out for the Port Chester Board of Trustees’ public scoping hearing for the form-based rezoning of Port Chester.   Alliance members demanded that the Mayor and Trustees study the way the rezoning will impact housing, jobs, schools and small businesses in our community.

The rezoning, which could pave the way for massive new development in Port Chester, is currently under environmental review by the Board of Trustees.  The October 15th hearing was held to get public input on that review’s scope – i.e. the range of ecological, socioeconomic and infrastructure issues that must be analyzed to determine how the rezoning will affect our community.

The Alliance is campaigning for a community benefits agreement (CBA) for the rezoning that would make sure all of Port Chester reaps the rewards of the rezoning, not just wealthy developers. The CBA should:

  • Require that developers benefiting from the rezoning set aside at least 30% of their units for affordable housing at rents that working Port Chester families can afford;
  • Ensure that construction creates safe, family-sustaining jobs and a pipeline to careers for local residents;
  • Provide protections from displacement for tenants and small businesses;
  • Guarantee that development from the rezoning will generate adequate school funding and will not lead to additional school overcrowding.

Read the full testimony from Alliance members at the links below:

Zeltzyn Sanchez Testimony

Perla Zuniga Arellano Testimony

Louis Sanchez Testimony

Joan Grangenois-Thomas Testimony

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