Public Scoping Hearing at the Board of Trustees meeting

Public Scoping Hearing at the Board of Trustees meeting

Date: Monday, October 15th at 7pm
Location: Village Courthouse, 350 N. Main Street, Port Chester

When a local government starts a rezoning, it must measure the “environmental impacts” of the rezoning.  This includes things you might think of as “the environment,” like parks and open space, but also impacts on people, rents, businesses, and important places (like schools) in the area.

At a public scoping hearing, we, the people of Port Chester, get to tell the Board of Trustees what environmental impacts we think are important to be studied before the Trustees approve the rezoning.  It’s our first chance to weigh in on the rezoning and make sure the Trustees know that they have to look at how it will affect how much rent we pay, whether our schools become more overcrowded, and how high or low our wages are.

Join us to tell the Trustees that they must study all these impacts and make sure we the downtown rezoning creates real benefits for our community, like affordable housing and good jobs!

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