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Report: Myth-Busting the 2019 Port Chester Board of Trustees Race

April 1, 2019

During the run-up to the recent election of Port Chester’s new Board of Trustees, some candidates made false or misleading statements about community benefits, union labor, and affordable housing. Many of these claims sounded quite similar to talking points from the real estate industry. To help residents and policymakers separate fact from fiction, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance has published a new report and summary debunking these myths. Read more.

Alliances Launches “Stay and Thrive: A Blueprint for Fair Rezoning and Development in Port Chester”
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February 19th, 2019

Today, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance released our policy statement on the planned rezoning of Port Chester.   The document,Stay and Thrive: A Blueprint for Fair Rezoning and Development in Port Chester,” outlines the policies we believe need to be implemented to ensure that the rezoning truly benefits our community. Read more.

VIDEO: FIOS1: Portchester Residents Rally to Oppose Rezoning Plan
ARTICLE: Blueprint supporters want to stay and thrive in Port Chester

Alliance Demands Village Study Rezoning Impacts

On October 15th, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance members and supporters turned out for the Port Chester Board of Trustees’ public scoping hearing for the form-based rezoning of Port Chester.   Alliance members demanded that the Mayor and Trustees study the way the rezoning will impact housing, jobs, schools and small businesses in our community. See full story here.

Vote Port Chester Registration Event Brings Animated Party to Garcia’s

More than a hundred people drifted in and out of Garcia’s on Sunday, September 30, for the Vote Port Chester event sponsored by the Alliance and The Capitol Theatre.  Sustainable Port Chester Alliance is comprised of community members, labor unions, religious groups and activist organizations, and is dedicated to civil rights activism in the community.  See full story here.

Community Survey of Port Chester

On July 14th, the Alliance launched our Community Survey project.  Over the summer, the Alliance members spread out across the Village to talk with Port Chester residents about the most important issues we face – such as affordable housing, education, good jobs and immigrant rights – and how we can improve things.  We will continue this effort thoughout the year.