Sustainable Port Chester Alliance December News Update

View the front page article from Westmore News covering our recent Climate Town Hall!


Climate Town Hall
How Can Port Chester Help End Climate Change?
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

While climate change presents an enormous threat to our civilization, readily available local solutions can make a real difference.  We are bringing together a group of experts and local community leaders to ask:

  • How can Port Chester dramatically reduce its dependence on fossil fuels and help prevent a climate disaster?
  • How can villages like ours produce local, clean and affordable electricity from renewable power sources?
  • How can our village ensure that a swift transition to a green economy produces good jobs and economic justice for all of us?
  • How can we personally reduce our carbon footprint?



Joan Grangenois-Thomas, Executive Dir., Sustainable Port Chester Alliance

Reducing Port Chester’s Carbon Footprint while Saving Money (click link to view)

Ron Kamen, EarthKind Energy

Westchester County’s Clean Energy Initiatives

Peter McCartt, Dir., Westchester County Energy Conservation & Sustainability

Nancy Barr, County Legislator; Chair

, Environment, Health & Energy Comm.

Sustainable Westchester’s Consumer Choice Aggregation Program (click link to view)

Dan Welsh, Program Director, Westchester Power

Michel Delafontaine, Dir. Distributed Energy Resources at Sustainable WC

Climate Change and Food Justice (click link to view)

Lori Fontanes, Member of Rye Conservation Commission/Advisory Council

Strategies, Tips and Hacks for Reducing a Household’s Carbon Foot Print (click link to view)

Gregg Hamilton, Municipal Historian, Town of Rye

Time and location of upcoming governmental meetings can be found on the village calendar at

REZONING IS COMING! – Port Chester has moved one step closer to a major rezoning with the publication of the second draft of the proposed new “Form-Based” code.  The proposed rezoning will bring major changes to the village by allowing much taller buildings in the downtown area. A well-thought-out rezoning could bring new tax revenue, well-paying jobs, truly affordable housing and an improved quality of life to the village, while a bad one could lead to low-wage, dangerous jobs, increased traffic and bottlenecks, overcrowded schools, displacement of existing residents and small businesses and a visible change in the character of the village and its neighborhoods. It will ultimately be up to the Board of Trustees to refine and adopt the code, which could be passed as soon as this February.

The Alliance is following this process closely and advocating for the community, but your opinion counts, so get involved! You can follow the process at and read the Alliance’s proposal for the rezoning on our website. Share your thoughts by writing to or by attending the Board of Trustees meetings on November 4 and November 18.

UNITED HOSPITAL SOLD – Let’s get it right this time! The former United Hospital site, which has been sitting empty for 14 years, has been purchased by developers Rose Associates and Bedrock Capital, who reportedly plan to move forward with the large residential / hotel / retail project originally proposed by Starwood in 2017. The Allianceis watching closely to ensure that the site is developed in a way that benefits the whole community. Rose Associates will be presenting at the Board of Trustees meeting on November 4; come make your voice heard, or watch the meeting broadcast on local cable or live streamed online if you cannot attend!

2020 CENSUS: Complete Count! – The 2020 Census is approaching fast and Alliance members Joan and Zel are co-chairs!  Many Port Chester leaders believe that the village’s population was significantly undercounted in the last census in 2010, and we’re organizing to ensure that that doesn’t happen again. At the urging of Mayor Falanka and the Board of Trustees, Port Chester residents formed a Complete Count Census Committee to raise awareness of the issue and make sure residents are ready to be counted.

What you should know about the 2020 Census:

  • The Census is important to Port Chester and will affect everything from state subsidies to redistricting to planning for our village’s future.

  • Every household is supposed to respond to the Census and can do so online for the first time ever, as well as by phone or using traditional paper forms, online forms and phone interviews.

  • You should plan to respond between mid-March and mid-April, 2020.  You will be asked to provide details about every person in your household as of April1, 2020.

  •  Your responses are completely confidential and no one should be afraid to respond.

Get involved:

  • The local Complete Count Census Committee has formed five Sub-Committees (Seniors & Veterans, Faith-based organizations, Small Businesses, Non-Profit organizations, and Youth & Education) and is still looking for volunteers to help out. You can volunteer and get involved by sending an email to

  • The Census Bureau is seeking applicants to fill paid Census enumerator positions to collect response door-to-door next April.

A GREEN NEW DEAL FOR PORT CHESTER? – Alliance members are forming a subcommittee to study how Port Chester can help fight climate change by eliminating the use of fossil fuels. We’re planning a Climate Town Hall on Tuesday December 10 at 7pm (location TBD). Want to get involved? Email

In other climate news, the Village Manager has assembled a Sustainability Committee with a focus on recycling food waste (led by

WILL DEVELOPMENT DESTROY OUR HERITAGE? – Gregg Hamilton and Richard Hyman, members of the Alliance have compiled a list of almost 100 buildings and structures for consideration as historic structures to protect them from demolition or alteration by development.  This list of addresses being considered was compiled by New York State authorities based upon year of construction and was given to the local Planning Department.

Report: Myth-Busting the 2019 Port Chester Board of Trustees Race

April 1, 2019

During the run-up to the recent election of Port Chester’s new Board of Trustees, some candidates made false or misleading statements about community benefits, union labor, and affordable housing. Many of these claims sounded quite similar to talking points from the real estate industry. To help residents and policymakers separate fact from fiction, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance has published a new report and summary debunking these myths. Read more.

Alliances Launches “Stay and Thrive: A Blueprint for Fair Rezoning and Development in Port Chester”
Resumen ahora disponible en español

February 19th, 2019

Today, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance released our policy statement on the planned rezoning of Port Chester.   The document,Stay and Thrive: A Blueprint for Fair Rezoning and Development in Port Chester,” outlines the policies we believe need to be implemented to ensure that the rezoning truly benefits our community. Read more.

VIDEO: FIOS1: Portchester Residents Rally to Oppose Rezoning Plan
ARTICLE: Blueprint supporters want to stay and thrive in Port Chester

Alliance Demands Village Study Rezoning Impacts

On October 15th, Sustainable Port Chester Alliance members and supporters turned out for the Port Chester Board of Trustees’ public scoping hearing for the form-based rezoning of Port Chester.   Alliance members demanded that the Mayor and Trustees study the way the rezoning will impact housing, jobs, schools and small businesses in our community. See full story here.

Vote Port Chester Registration Event Brings Animated Party to Garcia’s

More than a hundred people drifted in and out of Garcia’s on Sunday, September 30, for the Vote Port Chester event sponsored by the Alliance and The Capitol Theatre.  Sustainable Port Chester Alliance is comprised of community members, labor unions, religious groups and activist organizations, and is dedicated to civil rights activism in the community.  See full story here.

Community Survey of Port Chester

On July 14th, the Alliance launched our Community Survey project.  Over the summer, the Alliance members spread out across the Village to talk with Port Chester residents about the most important issues we face – such as affordable housing, education, good jobs and immigrant rights – and how we can improve things.  We will continue this effort thoughout the year.